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Friday, July 07, 2006

Call For Comments on the Secretary General's Report ! ! !

The NGLS Call for Comments on the Secretary-General’s Report is open until 30 June.
NGLS is calling for comments that will mirror the structure of the Informal Interactive Hearings with NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector and the High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development in September:

Segment 1: Promoting a comprehensive rights-based approach to international migration, and ensuring respect for and protection of the human rights of all migrants and their families.

Segments 2 & 3: International migration and development - challenges for social and economic policies in sending and receiving countries.

Segment 4: Policy responses - Promoting the building of partnerships and capacity-building and the sharing of best practices at all levels, including the bilateral and regional levels, for the benefit of countries and migrants alike.

Respondents may respond to any theme or section of the report but please indicate which Segment is being responded to and, more specifically, which paragraph of the report.

Please limit comments to a maximum of 1,000 words.

Please indicate first your name in "Identity" box, then organization and region inside the

"Organisation" area before submitting text comments.

The Call for Comments is meant to create space for civil society, especially those organizations who will be unable to participate in the Hearings, to provide their views, suggestions and ideas on issues discussed in the Secretary-General’s Report on International Migration and Development which will provide the framework for discussion during the Informal Interactive Hearings with NGOs, Civil Society and the Private Sector and the High-Level Dialogue. Comments will be collected and, based on the response rate, a compilation of comments will be drawn up and made available to NGOs and Member States attending the 12 July Informal Interactive Hearings.

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