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Friday, July 07, 2006

Informal Interactive Hearings of the General Assembly with Non-Governmental

United Nations Headquarters, New York
12 July 2006

Criteria for the selection of speakers and spokespersons

The Task Force will advise the President on the list of speakers and spokespersons
based on the following criteria:
• Broad substantive expertise from a policy, advocacy or programmatic perspective
on issues related to international migration and development;
• Representation of organizations or networks of a public interest nature, focused,
inter alia, on migration issues, and operating at the national, regional or
international level;
• Balance in terms of gender, geographic (sending and receiving countries) and
sectoral representation, as well as in relation to racial, ethnic, and intergenerational
• Representation of organizations or community groups of migrants in host
countries. The selection process should attempt to capture experiences from
various types of migration flows: South/North; South/South; East/West (in the
case of Europe);
• Given the unique nature of the subject matter: “migration and mobility”, selection
and funding considerations should go beyond traditional criteria – emphasis on
participants from the south- to consider also the case of migrants from the south
resident in the north or south. Relevance and competence in terms of issues and
experiences should be overriding considerations in this case.


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