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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Summary of the Informal Internative Hearings ! ! !

The summary of the informal interactive hearings of the General Assembly with representatives of non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and the private sector - Note by the President of the General Assembly, Please find the link to the English document below:

English PDF file

There will be a link made to it from the NGLS website as well as from the unmigration.org website (in the Mandated Inputs section of the HLD page, as well as a top of the bill link in the Hearings page). The link should be up sometime soon.

The other language versions are available at:
the French version:
the Spanish version:
the Russian version:
the Arabic version:
the Chinese version:

Please check the MFA website: www.mfasia.org , or the mri website: www.migrantsrightsinternational.blogspot.com for updates on the HLD.


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